Pop veteran Cher fills the backstage area with a "chicken coop" of male models when she performs - so she can pick her favourite man post-gig.

Responding to reports the singer is dating 27-year-old underwear model Gabriel Aubry, her spokeswoman Liz Rosenberg insists Cher, 58, is not romancing the Calvin Klein pin-up, but admits she's regularly getting intimate with hunky men after live shows.

She claims Cher has dated so many models, she no longer bothers to learn their names - preferring instead to gather an array of hunks backstage for meaningless pleasure.

Rosenberg tells New York website PAGESIX.COM, "She's been dating many male models but she doesn't usually ask their names.

"She also has a chicken coop backstage and her manager gives out passes to the cutest guys, and Cher makes her selection from the coop."

24/08/2004 17:14