Cher thought she would never release another album.

The 67-year-old singer, whose career spans more than five decades, had no plans to record new music but was persuaded by her manager

And Cher has been surprised by the reaction to her 25th studio album, 'Closer To The Truth' - her first release in 10 years.

The 'Turn Back Time' singer said: ''I just never thought I'd make another record. I thought it was too late and I was done with music.

''But then my manager said I should have another go. I was singing really well, so I thought 'I'll start it and see what happens', and here we are.''

The iconic singer admits she is still shocked she's as popular as she ever has been.

Cher said: ''It has surprised me. All I'm here to do is entertain people and my fans vary in ages.''

The 'Believe' hitmaker has also spoken out about women's rights and insists she is against Operation Rescue - the pro-life Christian activist organisation that has seen 44 abortion clinics close so far this year in America.

In an interview with The Sun newspaper, she said: ''What's happening in parts of America is disgusting. I'm so upset that men think they can just take over women's bodies. These clinics do so much. Poor women go there because they have a choice. They also go for smear tests, breast mammograms and family planning.

''Without family planning you're going to get pregnant. It's like we've been cast back into the dark ages and I hate them for it.''