Cher was horrified the first time she encountered racism - because it came from members of her own family.
The pop superstar and actress reveals her mother always tried to keep family racists away from her kids, but when she had to head home to Arkansas, Cher went with her.
She tells, "Both my grandmothers were from the South. They were very prejudiced. They learned it growing up. They used all the bad words, like the 'n' word.
"One day my mum said to my grandmother, 'My children don't know these words and they don't need to hear them. I don't want you to talk like that in my house or you can't come over.'
"When my mum took me to Little Rock, I got to see one of my relatives. I was so excited. She and I drove to the liquor store to get something and there were three black girls going down the street. She said, 'Let's scare them!'
"She drove close to them. I said, 'Are you out of your damn mind? We could've hurt them!' It was the first time I noticed that it wasn't enough to love your family if you don't have the same values. Without those, you couldn't really relate to them or be around them."