The Believe singer initially announced she had been in talks with Broadway producers back in 2012, when she revealed she would be assisting writers to adapt her rise to stardom for the stage.

In October (15), Cher revealed she had spent a weekend working with Jersey Boys playwright Rick Elice, and now he has revealed the first draft is complete.

He will present his finished work to the show's producers, Hamilton's Jeffrey Seller and Flody Suarez, on Thursday (21Apr16), and Elice admits he is nervous about how they will receive the script.

"They may pack me in a van and have me carted away when they see what I've done with her life," he told the New York Post.

The musical is expected to document Cher's life as a child, her rise to fame as one half of singing duo Sonny & Cher, and her turbulent marriage to Sonny Bono, before exploring how she established herself as a solo force. Reports suggest three different actresses will portray the singer at the different stages of her life.

However, Elice admits finding a new way to present all of the details about Cher's life in a stage play - and make it really interesting for fans - hasn't been easy.

"(Her) life is so wildly documented," he explained. "There is not much we don't know about her. I was not a fanatical Cher fan, but when I started working on this show I was surprised at how much I knew."

If all goes well with producers, Elice will then meet with Cher on 20 May (16) - her 70th birthday - to show her the script.

"I'll be sharing with Cher, if you will," he laughed.