Cher has teased the release of a brand new album later this year.

The 'Believe' hitmaker - whose last full length record 'Closer To The Truth' came out in 2013 - has claimed her next collection could be available in September in a short but sweet social media post.

Taking to Twitter, she posted fingers crossed and praying hands emojis and then simply wrote: ''Think album will be out in sept. (sic)''

She later revealed that she is already excited for the new material, but admitted it is ''a little scary'' because of how much her vocals have changed.

She later added: ''Was sitting here listening &Working on songs,& They're SO Different From Originals,It's a little Scary. My voice is So Different.

''There Are Some I Think Are really good....But SO different.Pauli & Every1 loves them,but friends r EASY 2 Please.E-BAR IS HARD ASS,BUT ONE OF US (sic)''

The 72-year-old star will hit the big screen in 'Mamma Mia 2' this month, but she also recently updated fans on a Broadway musical about her life and admitted it ''needs work''.

pent time in Chicago last month to check out preview performances of 'The Cher Show' before it relocates to New York and though she was impressed by a lot of what she saw, she's asked the production team to make some changes.

She told the Chicago Tribune newspaper: ''Some parts of it are really fabulous.

We're going to work on the other parts. In many parts, it was much, much better than I thought it would be. And there were no parts where I wanted to gouge my eyes out.

''It needs work. I'm not supposed to say that but I don't care. But you know, I was really very surprised by how close to real these people feel. Some of the boys are so on the mark, it's creepy.''