Benevolent superstar Cher was so horrified by what she saw at an American army hospital, she phoned a radio station to bring the patients' plight to the attention of President GEORGE W. Bush.

The LOVE HURTS singer visited wounded soldiers at the WALTER REED ARMY HOSPITAL in Washington DC and spent time talking to the victims of the ongoing conflict in Iraq, many of whom have lost limbs.

Her experience had such a profound effect, Cher was compelled to tell her story to DJ PETER SLEM - who initially had no idea who she was.

She told Slem, "The thing that I was most shocked by as I was walking into the hospital, the first person I ran into was a boy that was about 19 or 20 years old who had lost both of his arms.

"I walked into the hospital and visited all these boys all day long. Everyone had lost either one limb or two limbs. A couple of the boys told me it was because their vehicles - the rockets pierce their vehicles so much - it's like being kind of in a tin can.

"It took everything that I have as a person to not break down when I was talking to these guys.

"This was the most heinous thing I've ever seen. I wonder why none of (Vice President DICK) CHENEY, (Deputy Defence Secretary PAUL) WOLFOWITZ, (Iraq Administrator PAUL) BREMMER, the President, why aren't they taking pictures with all these guys? Because I don't understand why these guys are so hidden."

28/10/2003 17:28