Cher says being a ''tomboy'' has helped her to stay in shape.

The 72-year-old singer has revealed she's had to work out more as she's aged, but she's claimed her tomboy-like mentality has helped her to remain in tip-top shape over the years.

She explained to People: ''You have to work out. But, thank God, I always was a tomboy, so I don't mind doing it.

''I like cake and stuff too, but I have to limit myself, because I have to fit into costumes. So I watch what I'm eating, and I don't like it.

''When I was 40 or 50, I never had to watch it, but I have to now.''

Che admitted that having a really capable gym instructor ensures she's never allowed to take any shortcuts.

She said: ''I have a really good teacher, and we do a little bit of everything.''

Meanwhile, the American icon previously admitted she is ''raggedy'' when she's at home.

Cher insisted treating clothes like ''disposable'' items is a ''young girl's game'', and not something she's in favour of doing.

She said: ''I go around at home like I'm just raggedy. Clean, but slobby. I've got shirts - my favourite shirt is 30 years old.

''As a matter of fact, people have pictures chronicling this shirt for a million years, and I don't care, and I don't care how many times I wear it.

''One of the things I really hate and just p***es me off is: Because everything is disposable ... Once I wear this, I'll never be able to wear it again. But that's dumb. I don't want to play that; that's a young girl's game.''