Cher's mum once beat up a masseuse "three times her size" after the woman complained about her daughter's pet dog.

The pop superstar and her actress mother, Georgia Holt, recently teamed up for a U.S. Mother's Day-related documentary all about their relationship - and the memories came flooding out.

During a recent interview with news show Access Hollywood, mother and daughter recalled one violent encounter with a neighbour, who kidnapped Cher's dog and called the pound to pick the animal up.

Cher says, "My mom was doing a play... and the woman next door to us was like a wrestler and mom was real teeny.

"The guy from the pound came up and the woman had my dog inside the house and mom walked up the stairs and she opened the door and pushed you down the stairs, right?"

Holt picked up the story, explaining, "I said... 'If you ever call the dog pound on our dog again... and she pushed me down the steps. There were four or five cement steps and I hit my back... and I got up and I grabbed her by the hair... and I flung her all over (the place). And a guy across the street said, 'Get her blondie!'"