The 70-year-old star has been working in showbiz for over five decades and has conquered both the music charts and Hollywood movies.

She’s also seen to embody female autonomy in a male-dominated industry, something she decided to strive for when working various jobs while trying to get her big break as a teenager.

During an interview at the Fast Company Innovation Festival on Wednesday (02Nov16), Cher spoke about a gig she had at candy store See’s Candies, which she quipped "seemed like a wonderful place to be unless you were serving customers."

"It was Beverly Hills and the women were just such b**ches," she said, according to Page Six. "I realised that I never wanted to be at the mercy of women for the rest of my life, and I wasn’t."

Ultimately, these experiences gave her a "terrific recipe for lemonade".

The Believe star also spoke about her childhood, in which she moved with her mother around the United States, including stints in New York, Texas, and California. During this period, Cher experienced poverty at times – where she didn’t have money for proper shoes - something she credits as teaching her empathy towards others.

"I was kind of a jock and I was always running out of shoes before we had money," she recalled. "I remember one time, it was a particularly dismal time for me where I had to rubber band my soles to my shoes so that I could have shoes to go to school."

While Cher may avoid being obligated to others, she has been open about her support for U.S. Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

On Thursday night (03Nov16), she is hosting a Clinton fundraiser called Love Trumps Hate: An Evening With Cher.