Cher has produced a hard-hitting new video, which takes aim at bosses of oil giant Chevron over their treatment of Ecuadorian locals battling them for damages.

The plaintiffs won a $19 billion settlement against executives at Chevron in 2012 for the destruction of their land in the course of exploration and extraction of oil, but have yet to receive any money.

In the video, the Believe hitmaker explains the history of the court case and mentions some of the other oil disasters that have occurred in recent years, including the 2010 Bp oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

Cher closes the video message by urging fans and environmentalists to follow her lead and boycott Chevron.

She says, "Chevron's Amazon oil has fueled cars, homes and businesses in my state (California) for decades, but I will not reward a company that devastates the environment and brings disease and death to men, women and children to save money.

"Every time I see a Chevron gas station, I just drive by and I hope you will too. As a Californian, I won't feel right about Chevron until they make it right for their victims in the Amazon."