Generous pop star Cher has come to the aid of an ailing Alabama teenager, who is struggling to afford medical treatment to treat his muscular dystrophy.

Northport resident JOSEPH SULLIVAN, 16, has been bedridden since earlier this summer (05) because his 69-year-old adoptive mother BETTY SULLIVAN is disabled and their home health care was discontinued when he lost funding from Medicaid.

The family cannot afford the $190 (GBP105) weekly cost to keep the home help who cleans and dresses Joseph so he can leave their home and eventually attend school again.

After talking to local dentist DOCTOR TONY DAVIS, Cher sent the family $550 (GBP305) in the hope other Alabama residents will rush to the aid of the Sullivans.

Betty enthuses, "It's great, isn't it? Shows there's still some good people in this world."