The pop superstar has been a leading celebrity voice in the fight to get supplies to local residents, who have not had clean running water ever since 2014, when officials decided to draw from the dirty Flint River, which has tested positive for lead poisoning.

Cher has been in regular contact with Flint Mayor Karen Weaver to help with the crisis, while she has also been taking aim at Governor Snyder for initially playing down the controversy and then passing the blame on to other civil service officials.

She recently told, "He's just trying to save his a** now. He's only talking now 'cause he's at the end of his lie rope. It's such a gigantic problem, and the government is doing the wrong thing."

Cher has since stepped up her attacks on the Republican and, calling in to U.S. talk show The View with Mayor Weaver on Friday (22Jan16), she insisted he needs to go.

Asked if the Governor should resign, Cher responded, "Oh yes, because I think taking complete responsibility is stepping down when you see what you've done. I mean, he knew what he was doing..."

The Believe hitmaker then went even further by suggesting he should be prosecuted and jailed, laughing, "I've said that he's wearing his pinstripes in the wrong direction."

Cher joined forces with bosses at Icelandic Glacial to donate over 181,000 bottles of water to the city's residents via the Food Bank of Eastern Michigan on Wednesday (20Jan16), and she is still in disbelief about the problem.

She adds, "I've been supporting (a) clean water company that works in Africa and India. It never occurred to me that we would have to have a company involved that would do something to help people in America."