Cher thinks Miley Cyrus can ''do better''.

The pop legend was less than impressed with the 21-year-old star's cringe-worthy twerking routine at the MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) last month, where she danced provocatively against Robin Thicke wearing nothing but flesh-toned latex underwear.

The 'Believe' singer thinks the former Disney Channel sweetheart's wild antics are synonymous of the Twitter generation, where notoriety is more important than talent.

Cher told E! News: ''I don't give a f**k if [Miley] comes out naked. Just be better, do better. Maybe she's thrilled and delighted - everyone's talking about it.

''And so, that's almost as good as it being great, you know. Especially in this day and age. It doesn't make any difference if you're good. It just makes a difference if people are talking about it.''

The 67-year-old singer also insists the lack of clothing isn't the problem, saying she took offence to the 'We Can't Stop' singer's whole performance and constant sticking out of her tongue.

She ranted to USA Today newspaper: ''It was so bad. I'm not old-fashioned. She could have come out naked, and if she'd just rocked the house, I would have said, 'You go, girl.' It just wasn't done well.

''She can't dance, her body looked like hell, the song wasn't great, one cheek was hanging out. And, chick, don't stick out your tongue if it's coated.''