Pop singer Cher has offered her support to U.S. Presidential candidate Barack Obama, insisting the nation needs someone to "heal" its divide.
The 62-year-old performer revealed her political leanings by showing off a 'Barack The Vote' T-shirt during an appearance on U.S. morning show Today on Thursday (30Oct08).
Asked about her political fashion statement, Cher revealed she's fully behind the Democrat as he prepares for the presidential election next week (04Nov08).
She says, "He is by far the best candidate. I'm an independent (voter) but I don't think I could ever vote Republican... I was telling someone, 'I've been alive for 11 presidents and I feel this is the worst time I've ever seen.'
"The country's so divided and it's still going to be divided. But there are some people who are healing people, and there are some people - like this president we have right now (George W. Bush) - who says he's the Big Decider, but I really think he's the Big Divider."