Cher's daughter CHASITY BONO has called in the crew of US reality TV makeover show SELL THIS HOUSE to help her do just that.

The celebrity gay rights activist-turned-reality TV star grew frustrated when no one seemed interested in buying her West Hollywood villa after she put it on the market in October (05).

And when her mother suggested she call in the experts to makeover the home, Bono appealed to the hosts of Sell This House, who have since redecorated and refurnished the home with a view to getting a quick sale.

Bono admits she knew she had to take drastic action when a potential buyer joked about the state of the home.

She explains, "Somebody said that the deck should just be burned and kind of intimated that it wouldn't be a problem if the rest of the house went either."

Bono is hoping 2006 will see her start afresh with a completely new look - as well as a new home, she also plans to lose 100 pounds (45.3 kilograms) as a contestant on weightloss show CELEBRITY FIT CLUB.