Cher's daughter Chastity Bono and GREASE star Jeff Conaway faced off on a taping of US reality TV show CELEBRITY FIT CLUB recently after the gay rights activist challenged the actor on his drug use.

The two so-called celebrities are out to shed the pounds on the new show, which airs in January (06), but after Conaway slurred his way through a meltdown on the show, screaming, "I did a show called TAXI - one the biggest shows ever," Bono, a recovering drug addict took him to task.

And when Conaway apologised, insisting he went "loopy" on two prescription Benadryl pills, Bono told him she didn't believe him.

In the face-off, captured by US news show ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT, Bono says, "We do think that you are on drugs... You are acting like you are loaded and everybody's concerned, and it's not a malicious thing. I feel for you... It's hard for me to be around you... I've been there."

But her words of wisdom only served to incense Conaway, who played John Travolta's rocker pal KENICKIE.

He continued to rant, "I supported a f**king family from the time I was 10-years-old. I went through a paedophile at seven-years-old. At three-years-old I slit my f**king wrist, so keep your f**king mouth shut."

Show handlers were eventually able to calm Conaway down during the taping, but he insisted he was only being himself: "If they don't want me to be Jeff Conaway then go f**king find somebody else. I've walked off shows before and I will walk off shows again."