Cher Lloyd wants to duet with Nicki Minaj.

The 'Want U Back' singer admires the ''guts'' of the 'Starships' hitmaker and loves her no-nonsense attitude.

She said: ''I've always said from day one that the person I'd love to collaborate with would be Nicki Minaj. Just for the pure reason that I think she has so much guts and does what she wants and obviously says what she wants, and I love her.''

While Cher hasn't yet collaborated with Nicki, one artist she has worked with is Busta Rimes, who appears on her track 'Grow Up'.

Cher thinks the collaboration was ''weird'' but believes that's what makes the song great.

She told MTV News: ''It's such a weird collaboration, you definitely wouldn't put me and Busta on the same song and that's what I think is so great about it.

''I recorded 'Grow Up' and needed something else and I came to a decision that Busta would be great for it so I got my people to speak to his people and yeah, it was just a done deal.''

And though the pair didn't meet while recording the track, Cher would love to perform it live with Busta.

She said: ''I'd love it if I bumped into him or maybe we could perform it. That would be so good. I'd love that.''