Cher Lloyd, the British singer currently sitting atop the UK Singles Chart, is in hot water with record bosses after she allegedly trashed her hotel suite in a five-star London hotel, reports the UK's Sun newspaper. Cher, who finished in 4th place on 'The X Factor', was nicknamed "trouble" by Simon Cowell for her regular tantrums.
Staff at the hotel were said to be furious after finding cigarette butts and burn marks around the luxury suite and complained to Lloyd's management because the room was left in an "unacceptable condition". An insider revealed, "The room looked a right state. There were fag butts and ash everywhere. It didn't look pretty at all.She got a serious dressing-down from bosses for her behaviour after management and her label had to patch things up with the hotel". However, record bosses apparently went easy on the star following her recent success with debut singer 'Swagger Jagger'. Lloyd, known for her love of smoking, said last week, "The first thing I do when I get home to Malvern is get in my pyjamas and have a cheeky fag with me mum in the makeshift conservatory that always leaks when it rains".
Cher is scheduled to release her debut album later this year. The album has been partly produced by Redone, and features collaborations with Busta Rhymes, Ghetts and MIKE POSNER.