The pop world - two of them at least - have rallied to support Cher Lloyd following an incident at the weekend's V Festival that saw Cher Lloyd booed off stage and pelted with bottles of urine, causing the upset 'X Factor' alumni to flee the stage in tears. Throwing bottles of wee at performers used to be a pretty common occurrence at UK festivals, a tradition even. However these days tend to be a bit more placid and so the event has caused quite the stir.
Professor Green, a man who remains bafflingly vague about what he actually got his doctorate in, has been one such person to leap to Lloyd's defence. MTV reports that he came out in defence of Lloyd on his Twitter, stating "Someone needs to have a word with themselves... how f**king disgusting can people be? Chin up cherlloyd." He added "It's easier to walk away from a stage if you don't like an artist than it is to fill a bottle with piss and launch it, surely?" Continuing, he raged "I got hit with a pound coin once. I suspect it cost the person who threw it more than it did me. I'd take the hate and the success over being unsuccessful and as stuck as I was before any day of the week."
Example was another who, though less outraged, still condoned the action. He said "Whilst i'm not a fan of Cher Lloyd I don't think anyone deserves bottles of piss thrown at them. Stick to plain old booing in future people."