Cher Lloyd, the 18-year-old X Factor star who divided opinion with her debut single 'Swagger Jagger', says she is "fed up" with being compared to Cheryl Cole. The singer hopes the sound of her first album will encourage the public to stop likening her to the Girls Aloud star.
Speaking to MTV News, Cher was quizzed on her 'X Factor' mentor, saying, "Here we go again, everything's about Cheryl. I really do get fed up with the comparisons that people make with me and Cheryl. We look nothing like each other, and we are nothing like each other. I mean we don't sing the same type of music, which you will see when my album comes out". Lloyd, who claims her new material is "completely different" to anything Cheryl has ever made, says she hasn't spoken to her mentor since finishing third on the X-Factor, adding, ".maybe she's been busy and I've been busy too. People automatically assume that you're gonna be best buddies - it doesn't work like that".
After signing with Simon Cowell's Syco Music label, Cher has almost completed work on her debut album with songwriter Autumn Rowe and producer Redone. The record is scheduled to hit shelves in November 2011.