British dance duo THE Chemical Brothers almost split up recently - because they feared they'd run out of ideas.

The BLOCK ROCKIN' BEATS stars were ready to call it quits after a decade long career, before inspiration arrived in the form of Canadian rapper K-Os, who collaborated with them on new track JUST GET YOURSELF HIGH.

Band member TOM ROWLANDS says, "If you make a lot of music you can lost that desire and we were staring that situation in the face.

"It was a horrible notion, but we couldn't see what was going to happen next, how we were going to move on.

"We went in the studio to write two new pieces for the collection and it's been the best impetus for us to write for ages.

"We feel really energised. We're really excited. It's a great feeling to know we've still got ideas."

Musical partner ED SIMONS says, "We love K-Os's stuff and have mutual friends so we just got chatting.

"We need to have fun with them first before making a record.

"It was the same with Beth Orton, Noel Gallagher, Tim Burgess and THE Flaming Lips."

27/11/2003 13:44