Country star Chely Wright was so desperate to hide her homosexuality when she first started working in the record industry she'd attack gay stars.
The Single White Female singer recently 'came out' as a lesbian in her memoir Like Me, and now admits she was so terrified that homosexuals would realise she was one of them, she publicly shunned and berated them.
In a candid interview on U.S. TV show Oprah on Wednesday (19May10), Wright revealed, "When I first moved to Nashville, I worked at Opryland - the themepark - and there are a lot of gay boys running around at those themeparks.
"I was afraid there was some identifiable factor in me that they could pick up on, that they might know that I was gay."
And her fears came to a head one day when she was hanging out with a fellow performer.
She recalls, "Another gay boy walked up behind him and just playfully smacked him on the butt and Ray said, 'I know you want me,' and I said, 'I wish you'd keep that out of my face, it's a sin.' I couldn't believe this was coming out of my face."
Wright admits she came to "need" her gay friend Ray.