Comedienne Chelsea Handler was once left unable to move at a party at Jane Fonda's house after taking a double dose of Quaaludes.

The This Means War star reveals she decided to try the body-paralysing drug after being offered the substance by a friend - but the depressant turned her into a mess.

She tells U.S. shockjock Howard Stern, "I went over to Jane Fonda's house one night and I did a Quaalude. I had never done a Quaalude before. My friend had one. She gave me two Quaaludes. Jane has these dance parties. So I took both of them and that was a disaster.

"I'm a pretty good drinker, I know how to handle myself. I couldn't move (after this). Every time I'd get up I'd fall back down!"

Handler shared her drug dilemma with the legendary actress and was pleasantly surprised by her calm reaction.

She says, "I told Jane that I took two Quaaludes and she said, 'Well then you better sit down and not get up for a while.' She didn't care. She's super cool."

But Handler insists she's done with mind-altering substances and claims she will simply stick to alcohol from now on: "I'm 39 now. I can't do all those drugs anymore."

The funnywoman isn't the only celebrity to confess to taking Quaaludes - director Martin Scorsese once took the drug for a plane flight and used his own experience to help Leonardo DiCaprio act out a scene in The Wolf of Wall Street, in which his Jordan Belfort character finds himself stuck at a country club when the drug kicks in.