Chelsea Handler's new semi-autobiographical sitcom 'Are You There, Vodka? It's Me, Chelsea', appears to be in turmoil after three of its key cast members were fired, reports Handler's highly anticipated new show is yet to premiere on NBC, but producers have already made a casting shake-up.
Although an official statement is yet to be made, sources confirm that nearly half of the show's ensemble have left the production, including 'White Collar' star Natalie Morales. Other high-profile names to leave the show include former ER nurse Laketa Moore and the stand-up comedian Jo Koy. Morales had been cast to play Chelsea's best friend, while Moore and Koy were scheduled to play her co-workers at a local sports bar. A spokesman confirmed the trio would not be involved in the series for "creative reasons" and that their characters are likely to be reworked. Scheduled to premiere later this year, 'Vodka' is inspired by Handler's best-selling comedy memoir of the same name. Those keeping their roles in the series include 'That 70's Show' star Laura Prepon, who will play the lead role of Chelsea.
Chelsea Handler released her latest memoir 'Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang' in March 2010. The book sold has since sold 360,000 copies while hitting Number 1 on the New York Times Nonfiction Hardback Bestseller list.