Chelsea Handler used hypnosis to help her quit cigarettes.

The 43-year-old comedienne - who once confessed to paying $500 to have a pack of cigarettes delivered to her door - underwent hypnotherapy to finally kick the habit for good.

Chelsea shared a throwback photo of herself with a cigarette in her hand on Instagram and captioned it: ''#fbt to a time when I was young and thought smoking was cool. I finally quit when I got hypnotized by Kerry Gaynor. Haven't smoked one cigarette since. If you are trying to quit, look him up.

''It's so much cooler not to smell like smoke. Happy Thursday! (sic)''

The former talk show host opened up about her addiction to smoking on an episode of Marc Maron's 'WTF' podcast back in 2012.

Chelsea said: ''I smoke sometimes when I drink. I like to smoke when I drink so I only drink a couple nights a week, actually.''

Chelsea recently revealed she is considering a breast reduction.

The comedienne has been having problems finding bikinis to contain her assets while on vacation, so admitted she's thinking about going under the knife to get her boobs made smaller.

In a video on her Instagram Stories, Chelsea - who was clad in a black, grey and pink bikini top and black bottoms - said: ''I just want everyone to know, that this is my situation when I try to get into a bathing suit.

''My boobs don't fit into anything. So, the uh, breast reduction conversation is officially on the table.''