Comedienne Chelsea Handler lied about having food poisoning to get out of a live Tv appearance after walking into a shower door and injuring her eye.

The funnywoman was due to be interviewed on America's Today show on Monday morning (12Nov12), but she pulled out at the last minute and the show's hosts were told she had been struck down with illness.

However, Handler made a miraculous 'recovery' to appear at the Glamour Women of the Year Awards in the evening, as well as taping a chat on Jimmy Fallon's Late Night talk show that day, and she was forced to admit the food poisoning story wasn't true.

She tells Fallon, "That was a lie. I wasn't sick... No no, I wasn't drunk or anything. I am very injury prone... I have bruises... I literally walked into a shower door this morning. I hit my eye and so everything's puffy and... I just couldn't go... I hit myself (with the shower door) and I just didn't want to go and be on a morning talk show... And I apologise. It's not fun to book somebody and have a guest not show up."