Chelsea Handler and Sandra Bullock discussed their naked shower scene sketch on 'Chelsea Lately' on Monday night (26.06.13)

The 38-year-old chat show host and the Oscar-winning actress talked about the hilarious video that aired back in October 2012 which showed them getting into a fight while they were in a shower on Chelsea's talk show.

Chelsea initiated the conversation, she said: ''I know that you like to do movies with other women and that you like to be nude with other women.''

Prompting Sandra to say: ''There's only been one other woman I've been nude with.''

Chelsea continued to tease, adding: ''What's her name?''

Sandra, reminded Handler that the nude video was her idea, adding: ''It's your name!''

Chelsea joked: ''I didn't even want to do something naked. You suggested it.''

Sandra playfully quipped: ''That's right. I'm just going to agree with you this whole show. It'll be safer this way. I'm just going to say, 'You're right, Chelsea.' ''

The two then discussed breasts and came to the conclusion that Chelsea required ''more pixillation'' than Bullock did in the breast area, because she has a more impressive bust.