The new husband of former Cheers star Bebe Neuwirth has been branded a "deadbeat dad" by his ex-wife after allegedly failing to pay child support.
Wine connoisseur Chris Calkins, who wed Neuwirth in May (09), is alleged to owe his former spouse Susan Calkins $185,000 (£115,625) after falling behind on monthly payments to care for their three sons.
Calkins has filed suit against her ex, branding him "a particularly egregious deadbeat dad" in the legal papers recently lodged in California's Marin County Superior Court, according to the National Enquirer.
In the documents, Susan states, "(Calkins) flew all three of our sons to Manhattan (New York) for his 'showbusiness' wedding and enjoyed a Hawaiian honeymoon with his new wife, yet paid nothing for his sons' court-ordered day-to-day support."
Neither Calkins nor Neuwirth had commented on the reports as WENN went to press.