Former Cheers star Ted Danson's first gay movie role came after his actress wife suggested he'd be perfect for the part. Mary Steenburgen was among those first considered for new film The Amateurs but when she turned the movie down, she told producers her husband would be perfect as closeted gay character Moose. Danson was stunned to discover his wife thought he'd make a great gay guy - but he quickly realised the part was perfect for him. He says, "Mary went to the producers and said, 'Forget about me, you've got to come see my husband.' It was a little scary that it was my wife who said that, but nevertheless... "I said, 'Why wouldn't you suggest me for a Chuck Norris role?' "But she knows me well. It was really fun to do. My fix on Moose is he went to a Broadway show once early on in his life and has an inkling he's gay but he may never have had sex with a man. He's just an innocent." In the quirky movie, Danson, Jeff Bridges and Joe Pantoliano play small town citizens who come together to make an adult film.