Former Cheers star Ted Danson is very active in political causes, but refuses to be pressured by friends and family to run for office. Danson and his wife, actress Mary Steenburgen, have been long-time supporters of the Democratic party in the US, but the actor has no desire to be a politician himself. He explains, "I had two phone calls from serious politician-like people and my brother-in-law trying to get to me. Can you imagine? "I take a vote to get across the street. We'd still be on the beaches of Normandy (France) if I had to choose to move." The star insists he would be a horrible political figure adding, "All I care about is whether people like me. I think that would be the hardest job in the world to be a politician. "I admire them, they stand up and take knocks, and get yelled at and have to make decisions and all that. "Some of our best friends are (politicians), but I could not imagine myself doing that."