Former Cheers star Ted Danson's festive seasons rarely match up to those he enjoyed as a child in Arizona - because he'd spend Christmas morning staring into the Grand Canyon. The actor's parents would pack bourbon and whiskey in flasks and spend much of Christmas Day (25Dec) walking around the rim of the natural wonder. He recalls, "My mother would always pack what my parents called a medicine kit, which was a bottle of scotch and a bottle of bourbon for them to have their cocktails. "We would drive around the rim of the Grand Canyon at a whim because they could get up there and have cocktails on the edge of the Grand Canyon. "We would go up with our tomato soup with a little sherry in it. I sound like I come from a bunch of alcoholics, but they weren't." Even the Danson's trip to get a Christmas tree would be a magical adventure. He adds, "I grew up in this kind of wonderful Christmas place just outside Flagstaff and we always had the biggest snows right around there. We were 7,000 to 13,000 feet up, at the foot of an old volcano. "We'd go out into the pine forest with our permit and cut down our Christmas tree, put it on our car and come back. We would go slogging through the snow in the middle of nowhere to find a Christmas tree."