The singer/songwriter behind the popular theme tune to classic TV sitcom Cheers is taking legal action to prevent a leading greeting card company from using the signature track.
Gary Portnoy co-wrote Where Everybody Knows Your Name with Judy Hart Angelo and the song regularly tops polls to find the most beloved U.S. TV tunes.
However, Portnoy claims the hit is being tarnished after Hallmark Cards bosses used the track on a musical greeting card - and hired another man to sing the vocals.
In legal papers filed in Manhattan federal court in New York, he writes, "The version of the song that plays in the ornament is an impostor recording with clearly inferior production values. The most notable of which is the absence of the iconic voice that has for the past 30 years been associated with this now-classic song."
Portnoy alleges the "inferior vocal performance" is damaging his reputation and is asking a judge to halt sales of the greeting card.