Former Cheers star Shelley Long is reportedly recovering from another emotional breakdown after checking into hospital again to curb her ongoing depression. The actress, who was taken to hospital in 2004 after suffering a drug overdose, checked into a Pasadena, California hospital that specialises in behavioural problems in November (06). She was released last week (04DEC06). According to US tabloid National Enquirer, the 57-year-old took part in a series of hospital programmes but friends are still worried about her mental health. One pal tells the publication, "She's so very delicate - you could blow her away like a feather." Friends hope efforts to revive her flagging career will help Long overcome her battle with depression. The source adds, "She's determined to keep acting, and it is probably the best medicine in the world for her." Insiders claim Long spiralled into depression after her 22-year marriage to banker BRUCE TYSON ended in 2003 after he filed for divorce.