Funnyman Cheech Marin is getting serious over America's immigration woes, because he thinks his fellow Latinos are being used and abused. Outspoken Marin feels strongly that Latinos are being badly treated in new legislation aimed at banishing illegal aliens - because many people deserve to be in the US. He says, "What all the demonstrations (against the legislation) demonstrate are the roots are sunken way deep and they're (Latinos) not afraid of being counted. "They're not illegal immigrants and certainly their children are American citizens. They have two to three generations of children who are legally here. "The reason why Los Angeles, in particular, looks like Mexico is because it was once Mexico. It's a very hypocritical stance in that we want cheap labour to come in and we want to persecute it simultaneously. "We live in a country where a quarter of the United States has Spanish names - California, Nevada, Arizona, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego. When salsa is the number one condiment over ketchup, the change has already occurred. "We are one of the main threads of the cultural fabric and not some little side that gets whipped out every Cinco de Mayo (May 5) with Coronas and Dos Equis (Mexican beer) and then we forget about it... The economy boom is because of the Latino population."