Cheech And Chong based their cult comedy movies around marijuana, but stopped getting stoned on set because they wasted too much valuable camera time.

Tommy Chong, who recently served nine months in jail for selling cannabis pipes over the internet, is proud his movies saved millions of teenagers from the dangers of drink, while Cheech Marin reveals policemen were their biggest fans.

Chong says of their stoned experience, "We tried one time and we wasted so much film. We were in the car waiting for the cue, you know. And the camera's rolling and we're sitting there, you know, and neither one of us heard the cue.

"When you think of how many kids died drinking alcohol, I feel I've saved millions of lives."

Marin adds, "Cops were our biggest fans. Because they dealt in what we were dealing with everyday, but in reality... they saw the essential humour and they laughed."

The duo revealed they are working on two new scripts - GRUMPY OLD STONERS and LORD OF THE SMOKE.

16/02/2005 09:32