The box office at Chazz Palminteri's Broadway production of THE BRONX TALE has been boosted by visits from the star's old New York mobster pals. The actor wrote the tale 20 years ago about his upbringing in the New York borough. He starred alongside Robert De Niro in the 1993 movie version, and takes the lead again in the current New York run. And he has been stunned to see some familiar shady faces come along to check out the show. Palminteri says, "They all have names like Cutthroat Andy and Cha Cha. "This one guy, called Joey B. He had a contract out on him 25 years ago. He came to the dressing room, and I ask him, 'So are you working?' He said, 'Nah.' I asked, 'Are you married? Where are you living?' He said, 'Nah.' He couldn't tell me. "I thought, if he gets whacked outside the theatre, what great publicity. I get out of the show at 9.45, we can make the 11 o' clock news."