Chazz Palminteri's acting career stalled before he started when he refused to let infamous Hollywood talent agent IRVING PAUL 'SWIFTY' LAZAR into his own party.
The movie star was hired as security at a party Lazar threw at Beverly Hills' Twenty Twenty club - and failed to recognise the man of the night.
Palminteri says, "I didn't let Swifty Lazar into one of his own parties and 15 minutes later he said I was gonna be fired and he was right - 15 minutes later I was fired."
But the embarrassment of the blunder paid off for Palminteri - it inspired him to get out of security and write a play, A Bronx Tale, which has since become a beloved movie and a one-man show the actor is now touring North America with, to rave reviews.
He recalls, "When I went home I was so mad I said, 'I'll just write myself a great part,' because I was running out of money, and I wrote A Bronx Tale."