Chaz Bono has been speaking about his preparation for the upcoming Dancing with the Stars series and just how seriously he is taking it.
"It's tough, everything is hard, the position that everything is supposed to be in" he Adding that his fitness regime is taking its toll "'I'm icing a lot, trying to sleep and eat well." The 42-year-old has been the subject of criticism since deciding to take part on the show and has been the subject of much interest as the first trans-gender contestant to take part on the show but has taken the attention in his stride "It's really pretty much rolled off my back and I'm just trying to concentrate on dancing because it's hard." The new season of Dancing With The Stars starts on September 19th and will see a variety of celebrities competing to be named champion including actor David Arquette and NBA star Ron Artest.
Born in Los Angeles, California, Bono is the only child of pop duo Sonny & Cher. Due to his parents fame he has been involved with showbiz since an early age, regularly appearing on his parent's variety television show. In later life Bono released his own album in 1993, Hang Out Your Poetry as a member of band Ceremony. He has also made several TV appearances as well as writing a book about his experiences with trans-gender issues entitled The End of Innocence.