Cher's son says he has never doubted his mother's love.

Chaz Bono - who was born a female named Chastity and began gender reassignment surgery around three years ago - admits his famous parent has struggled to adapt at times to his new identity, but he is grateful she has accepted him for who he is.

He said: "She has this personality of being so kind of cool about stuff and progressive but people forget that she's a parent.

"The truth is a lot of parents never speak to their transgendered kids again. That's not the case in my family. There's No Doubt about my mother's love for me."

Chaz - whose father is Cher's late ex-husband Sonny Bono - also spoke of how his decision to undergo gender transmission surgery had impacted on his five year relationship with Jennifer Elias, admitting they had to "re-learn" how to be with one another.

He explained to TV talk show host Oprah Winfrey: "We had to really almost re-learn how to communicate and how to be around each other."

"Things had changed. Just me saying the same thing that I would have before with a deeper voice and more of a presence."

"Suddenly things didn't mean the same thing to her. And so we really had to, you know, adjust our - how we did things and relearn how to be together."

Jennifer added: "It was really hard."