British actress Charlotte Rampling has no problem with shedding her clothes in front of the cameras - even though she turned 60 earlier this year (06). Rampling is still amazed by how unforgiving the camera can be on the human form, but she has no fears over her attractiveness - insisting if people want to be desired then somebody will be attracted to them, no matter their age. The Night Porter actress, who strips naked in upcoming film HEADING SOUTH, says, "The camera can be unforgiving, much more so than we see ourselves. "You can see yourself in the mirror and think, 'Oh, I look good,' but then on camera you start to notice other angles which you haven't examined. "But it's quite moving to see a woman who was once young and beautiful - you see time turning. Every single human being can be absolutely beautiful if they still desire to live and still desire to be desired. "Then there will be somebody who desires them, and just one person is enough: it means you are still a sexual and sensual creature. But it's for you to make it happen."