Teenage singing star Charlotte Church is set to stun viewers of a new documentary about her - by swearing and smoking throughout the film.

The 18-year-old soprano, who has performed for Queen Elizabeth II and POPE JOHN PAUL II, agreed to let BBC cameras follow her for six months - in a bid to show the public she isn't a spoilt millionaire.

But friends fear fans will be more shocked by the real Charlotte.

Church jokes in the show - which will air in Britain later this year - "I've been smoking throughout this whole film" and then adds, "It's so f***king annoying, sorry."

Charlotte's mum MARIA is then seen scolding her: "Don't swear - do not swear," but the singer bursts into a foul-mouthed rant when a grasshopper lands on her in Hong Kong. She rages, "The f****ing grasshopper just f***ing fell on my shoulder. It was a f***ing grasshopper."

20/04/2004 02:23