Welsh singer Charlotte Church will double her fortune with the release of her first pop album - even if it's a failure.

The Voice Of An Angel beauty is concerned fans of her opera and classical discs will be alienated by her switch to R+B, but industry insiders predict she will still double the $9.5 million (GBP5 million) fortune she gained access to on her 18th birthday last year (04).

An expert says, "Charlotte can do concerts and TV appearances off the back of her name alone. That could all snowball. She's likely to be earning at least GBP1 to GBP1.50 for each album sold, more considering she's written and co-written some songs.

"If she sells two million records, which is likely with her high profile in the States, it would be a hit and three million would be seen as a great success."

Church is being groomed for pop stardom by Robbie Williams' former-songwriting partner Guy Chambers and Madonna's producer DALLAS AUSTIN.

28/01/2005 14:09