Teen soprano Charlotte Church has given herself a payrise of just $95 (GBP50) per week - despite the fact she's worth a staggering $12.4 million (GBP6.5 million).

The VOICE OF AN ANGEL star, 19, refuses to touch the fortune she inherited on her 18th birthday last year (21FEB04), so increased her weekly spending money from $475 (GBP250) to $570 (GBP300), approximately the same sum a nurse or secretary earns per week.

Church's mother MARIA explains, "Charlotte is very careful but she is young and it has to last a long time.

"She still wants only GBP300 a week to spend and last year spent in total $266,000 (GBP140,000). It includes wages for everyone working for her."

04/05/2005 09:23