Charlotte Church is to start a family with long term love Gavin Henson. The CRAZY CHICK singer announced just two months ago (MAY06), "Having a baby would f**k up my whole life," but according to her mother MARIA, the 20-year-old's love for the Welsh rugby player has made her reconsider. Maria says, "Charlotte said she didn't want children a while ago, but I think Gavin has helped her change her tune about the whole thing. They're both still young, but I could see them having kids in about two years or so." "At one point, Charlotte didn't like the idea of having children of her own and wanted to do an Angelina Jolie. She wanted to adopt children from around the world as she knows there are millions of kids who could do with love and a good home." "I think now she's found Gavin, she's reconsidered the whole baby thing. That's not to say she's ditched the adoption plan for good, but she definitely wants kids of her own."