Teen singer Charlotte Church is on the wrong side of her parents again - after they saw photos of her wearing a t-shirt bearing a rude slogan.

The VOICE OF AN ANGEL songstress was on the beach enjoying a break with her bad boy love DJ STEVEN JOHNSON when her mother MARIA and step-father James called to berate her.

Onlookers saw the 17-year old in tears while protesting to her enraged parents that she had not meant to be spotted wearing the top - which had 'My BARBIE Is A Crack Whore' written across it.

According to a source Charlotte was overheard saying, "I'm really sorry, Mum. I didn't mean to wear the top. I didn't think there would be any photographers at the airport. I had packed all my other clothes and just threw it on because it was comfortable for the flight.

"Calm down, Dad! It's only a T-shirt. I promise never to wear it again. I'll bury it in the sand now."

Another source tells British tabloid THE DAILY MAIL, "Charlotte wasn't trying to hide the fact there was a problem. She was raising her voice at first then she began shouting. There were quite a lot of people lying close to her sun bed and they could hear everything."