Charlotte Church's ex-boyfriend STEVEN JOHNSON appeared in a Welsh court yesterday (07SEP04) to answer charges of wounding and violent disorder.

Johnson, who was dumped by the Voice Of An Angel teen star last year (DEC03), is alleged to have smashed a bottle over a love rival's head.

Cardiff Crown Court heard how the 19-year-old DJ reportedly turned violent after ANTHONY OMAR warned Johnson about speaking to his girlfriend. As trouble brewed, bouncers escorted Omar out of the Cardiff bar, but Johnson and two friends allegedly followed him.

Prosecutor ANDREW JONES told the court, "Mr Omar, fearing he was to be hit, punched out. Then there was an explosion of violence with this group raining down blows on Mr Omar.

"As this violence was unfolding, Johnson brought a glass object down on Mr Omar's head."

Omar told the court, "I felt four blows raining on my head. I could tell from the fragments of glass that they were bottles."

The trial continues.

08/09/2004 13:48