VOICE OF AN ANGEL singer Charlotte Church is refusing to pose semi-naked in raunchy men's magazines - because the photos would upset her family.

The sexy 18-year-old soprano has become the target of a "bidding war" to publish authorised pictures of her with hardly anything on.

But Church is turning down the extravagant offers because her mother MARIA says her grandmother would be livid.

She says, "Apparently there's a bidding war with the men's mags.

"They were offering me ridiculous amounts of money. And I said to my mum, 'If it gets really ridiculous and they start offering me hundreds of thousands, I'll have to do it.'

"And she said, 'Don't you dare! Your nana will go mad if she sees you half-naked in a lads' mag.' So no, I couldn't do it.

"It's not that I think there's anything wrong with it. Loads of women do it, and they look gorgeous. It's just the way things are going. You have to show a bit to get anywhere these days.

"But there's no way I could do it. It's not just my nana - my grandpa would see it and my dad and all my dad's friends. There's just no way it could happen."

20/04/2004 13:38