Welsh singer Charlotte Church has been invited to kiss and make-up with her chart foe, Girls Aloud singer CHERYL COLE. Church and Cole have been embroiled in a public war of words since the Voice Of An Angel moved away from her trademark classical singing style and into the pop realm with single CRAZY CHICK. Cole says, "Someone asked me if I was devastated we hadn't had a chance to record Crazy Chick. I just felt like it was an insult, because we had made good records. "I said we're moving on now, so if Charlotte wants to do that sound she can. "Then she started ranting and raving. We've yet to kiss and make up, but I'm open to the idea." After Cole's initial comments in July 2005, Church responded by saying, "Girls Aloud wouldn't be able to sing Crazy Chick if they possibly tried. They just don't have the range, darling. And when they've sold as many records as me, then they can comment ... Maybe Cheryl is bitter."