Teen soprano Charlotte Church has reportedly thrown her boyfriend KYLE JOHNSON out of their Welsh home after a furious argument.

The VOICE OF AN ANGEL singer, 18, has been dating Johnson since last February (04) after splitting with former fiance STEVEN JOHNSON (no relation to Kyle).

British newspaper DAILY MIRROR reports Johnson was told to pack his bags and leave their plush Cardiff apartment after he complained he was sacrificing his career aspirations to be her date at official functions.

A friend says, "It looks like it's 100 per cent over. It seems they just got bored with each other because they've been arguing for weeks.

"Kyle was unhappy that Charlotte expected him to go everywhere with her. He was even forced to give up his job as a trainee hotel manager because he was spending so much time with her. I think he just wanted his life back.

"The tragedy is that they probably still really love each other."

10/02/2005 03:56