Teen soprano Charlotte Church credits her early success with staying grounded, because the self belief she generated as a child star allows her to stay in control now.

The CRAZY CHICK hitmaker is thrilled with her first two pop singles which have both hit the UK top ten, and she's grateful she already had experience of the tough music industry.

And she is convinced she will never be corrupted by the trappings of fame.

She says, "I'm exactly the same person I would be if I wasn't famous. Because I was so young when I started out, the people in charge of me couldn't try to change me - when you're 12 you're very well protected legally. No one was allowed to tell me what to do and what to say.

"And then I sold so many records that by the time the gloves were off and they wanted to tell me what to do, I didn't have to take any s**t.

"I've made money for me, I've made money for them, and if I don't feel comfortable doing something, then I'm not f**king doing it. And f**k you Mr Executive."